newbie game 538, the battle for pie

Moderator: Thok
Victory: Yes

My first game ever. This is what started it all. Thok moderated this game and did a good job of doing it. The setup was the standard setup of the Newbie games at that time, Pie E7. It was an open setup, which had a doc, cop, goon and a mafia roleblocker and 3 other vanilla townies. A setup which later seemed a bit too swingy and not efficient enough for newbie games.

I received a cop role pm. I remember getting psyched and excited about that very role pm. In retrospect, being the cop in my first game proved to be a good lesson. That doesn’t mean it was a that pleasant experience during the game. Deciding who to investigate wasn’t easy and I would have gone for the wrong suspect if Holy didn’t ping my scumdar. If I hadn’t investigated Holy, the game would have been an entirely different game.

What happened in a nutshell: I mistook FlameAxe to be softclaiming cop during twilight 1 and I got a guilty on Holy. Thinking I found the scum pair, I roleclaimed and voted Holy (she counerclaimed cop, go figure). Of course, it all blew up in my face and I nearly got lynched. Somehow, and with the aid of one good post, I turned my luck and got Holy lynched. The last day, the third one, was filled with wifom as I was still alive. Cutting through the thick mist I voted for the last scum, winning the game.

What I like most about this game is seeing how I progressed in playstyle throughout the pages. I’m not saying I became (or that I am) a good player in that game, but it’s obvious I improved in that game.