Welcome to my portfolio! I’ve done all sorts of things and I’ve listed them all for you on this page!

Software Development

As a developer and an amateur game developer, I expect this will be the biggest chunk of my portfolio. I started learning programming when I was in University, studying Political Sciences. I was a member of a videogame fan website and I learned HTML and CSS to help out where needed. This lead to me discovering I liked working with computers more than Political Sciences, which I quit in my second year to pursue an education in Programming. I’m now a developer at iText, a “small” open source PDF library for the JVM and the .NET environments.

I’m mainly a Java programmer, but as you could tell from my blog, I like my share of Groovy.

1. Libraries
2. Ludum Dare Entries


I love making music. It’s my main pasttime, after coding of course. And playing videogames. And boardgames. But aside from all of those, making music is probably my biggest timesink. I picked up the guitar when I was +-16 years old (2004) and starting toying around from there. At age 25 (2012) I enrolled in a music school to learn the double bass. Best part of playing the double bass? The bow. And the loudness. I can’t imagine my neighbours like my daily practice routine.

Check out my audio recordings.

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