Yarpa, v0.0.1a


  • Player movement and direction

It isn’t a lot, but we’ve got a lot of ground to cover and babysteps are also going forward!

Todo for next version:

  • draw other entities to screen
  • interaction with entities


Presenting: YARPA

I’ve started a long term game project. So far I’ve only done short games, mostly in the context of a Ludum Dare or as small prototypes, but that’s going to change. Presenting: YARPA, “yet another RPG attempt”. Yes, it should be YARPGA, but that doesn’t really flow, does it?

I haven’t got a real course outlined yet, I’m going to make it up as I go. One continuous development project where nothing is planned and the points don’t matter. It might not even turn into an RPG a few months into the development, but that’s ok, because I want a project for years to come!

Why an RPG? Because I like RPGs.

The foundations for a codebase have already been laid. I’ve not made a repository for it yet. Way too early for that, there’s only a white square and a green triangle shown on the screen. And a HUD overlay. More later 🙂