Minecraft Server

Some progress screenshots from my private Minecraft Server:


My friend’s House

My other friend’s “House”. I love use of the multiple layers of building blocks in the wall. Ahem.

My house

Our farm and some towers

The river

Overview of our town’s center.

newbie game 538, the battle for pie

Moderator: Thok
Victory: Yes

My first game ever. This is what started it all. Thok moderated this game and did a good job of doing it. The setup was the standard setup of the Newbie games at that time, Pie E7. It was an open setup, which had a doc, cop, goon and a mafia roleblocker and 3 other vanilla townies. A setup which later seemed a bit too swingy and not efficient enough for newbie games.

I received a cop role pm. I remember getting psyched and excited about that very role pm. In retrospect, being the cop in my first game proved to be a good lesson. That doesn’t mean it was a that pleasant experience during the game. Deciding who to investigate wasn’t easy and I would have gone for the wrong suspect if Holy didn’t ping my scumdar. If I hadn’t investigated Holy, the game would have been an entirely different game.

What happened in a nutshell: I mistook FlameAxe to be softclaiming cop during twilight 1 and I got a guilty on Holy. Thinking I found the scum pair, I roleclaimed and voted Holy (she counerclaimed cop, go figure). Of course, it all blew up in my face and I nearly got lynched. Somehow, and with the aid of one good post, I turned my luck and got Holy lynched. The last day, the third one, was filled with wifom as I was still alive. Cutting through the thick mist I voted for the last scum, winning the game.

What I like most about this game is seeing how I progressed in playstyle throughout the pages. I’m not saying I became (or that I am) a good player in that game, but it’s obvious I improved in that game.

the game of mafia

The game is played by a group of people, each playing the role of either a murdering mafia member or an innocent townsperson, along with a game moderator. At the beginning of the game, night falls, and the mafia family members become aware of each other (by communication from the moderator). They then choose a victim, and the moderator announces the death scene. When day breaks, the town must try to weed out the evil by lynching someone they suspect to be mafia. The game continues, alternating between night and day, until one side is eliminated.

The above is an excerpt from the mafiawiki, hosted on mafiascum.net. In conclusion, mafia is a social teambased game revolving around deceipt and interactions between the players.

I’ve been playing mafia/werewolves since 2007 and I’ve been hooked ever since. I learned about the game browsing a social board on gamefaqs, a website dedicated to videogame guides. The nature of the game had me interested immediately and I didn’t stop playing. Since that encounter I have introduced many friends and family members to the game and we frequently have mafia nights.

The thing I like best about the game is meeting new players and new playstyles. It is fun to learn how new players play and how I respond to their styles. And of course, the game an sich is heaps of fun as well.

The intent of this little blog thing is to keep track of some interesting mafia games and concepts and some other stuff as well, so if this interests you, keep reading :)