Ludum Dare #26 End of Day 1


It’s only 11.41 PM right now, but I’m calling it a day. I’m really glad with all the progress I’ve had today. A quick summary:

What’s new:

- player attack
- special attack
- ui additions
- score improvements

What’s on the To Do list:

- Enemy movement additions
- Enemy creation needs a serious update
- Increasing difficulty as the game progresses (ties in with enemy creation)

Still some coding left to do, but I guesstimate it will be done in an hour or two (and a half at most).

- sprites
- splash screen
- main screen background
- gameover screen background

Biggest timesink left.

- sfx for everything
- background music if possible (last addition, would also require mute button)

If I don’t have enough time, the BGM will be skipped and SFX will be reduced to a minimum.

- Explain everything

This is what I’ll be doing first tomorrow.

That is pretty much all that is left on my todo list for tomorrow. I think I’ll manage. :)

Downloads and Screenshots

Per usual:

And some screenshots;

Ludum Dare #26 Update 2

14 hours into the competition and my game is nearing its final form (gameplay-wise). Having fun with libgdx and the Android development. It needs more code to do stuff than Slick2D does, but I feel it’s less restrictive and I don’t know… cooler. Not to disrespect Slick2d, it is an awesome tool and I would still recommend it to anyone interested in Java Game Development. Anyways, onto the update,

What I’ve done since the last update

- Improved player movement
- Enemies (and movement)
- you can die now
- score!
- game over screen without any text (just tap or click to restart game)

On the TO-DO list

- Finishing up the game-over screen
- Implementing player’s attack (and special attack)
- Different movement paths for enemies

On the wishlist

- Enemy attacks (long range)
- Difficulty setting

On the buglist :(

- Just don’t try to resize the game, I’m going to either disable resizing or try to find an answer to this. In the meantime, don’t resize.
- Resuming gameplay on Android after the app has gone to the background isn’t really that safe. Enemies spawn all over =/

Downloads and screenshots

Downloads can still be found at the old link:

Again, ignore the phone status warning if it still pops up, haven’t looked into it yet.

Might not seem like much, but it is!

Ludum Dare 26

Ludum Dare 26 started 11 hours ago and I’ve never been more troubled by the chosen theme.


Seriously, who comes up with this theme? It’s not even a real theme. Anyone even remotely interested in LD knows every game in LD is an sich minimalistic. But I’m not going to rant here. (yet)

What my game is about

I’m doing an autoscroller game. The player automatically moves forward and has to make it to the end alive. He can move to the left or the right and attack. Every x amount of kills the player has done, he can use a more powerful attack.

The game is called Brave Warrior and is multiplatform on PC and Android. The UI is very simple and minimalistic (grrrr):

- touch left or right to go that direction (PC is click and hold)
- swipe up to attack (PC is space)

Pretty straightforward.

What I’ve done so far

Aside from waiting for the elevator repair service, I’ve done player movement. Awesome right? Well, I only need to make it so that the speed of movement is relative to the position of your finger/mouse. The further it is, the faster the character will go that way.

Next up

- Attacks!
- Enemies!

Screenshots and download links

I need ideas!


Amazing Android Graphics

Even better Desktop Graphics!


Do note that although the Android App asks for your Phone status, I did not implement this anywhere, nor do I retrieve anything from your phone. I can’t check this at the moment, but that should be fixed.