Ludum 23 #04 – Day 2

Going, going… going…


So it’s going to be a basic rpg. Hp, atk, def. And that’s it. If I have time to spare, some weapon or something. Only things on the todo list:

- battle screen
- map (graphics and tiling)
- story (intro)
-victory conditions

Ludum Dare #03 – End of Day 1



So, APPARENTLY, the map hangs when trying to render its edge. And somehow that makes the interface skewed. Which made the collision map incorrect. After hours of trying to fix this by some freakmath, freakmath as in “what am I doing here” and not as in “genius!”, the most simple answer too my issue was to simply increase the map so that the borders aren’t visible.

Problem? MAKE BIGGER THINGS.  Still a problem? BLOW IT UP.

Text rendering and processing works. Near perfect in fact. The only flaw my system has that it’s rather hardcoded. AH WELL.

I implemented a quick battle algorithm, so I’d just need to make the screen in the morning. Add story, graphics, victory condition and whatever.

I’m a bit too tired. See you tomorrow.

Ludum Dare #01 – 8.5 hours in

So, as I’m getting ready to have some lunch, let’s reflect on what we have at the moment:

- map rendering works perfectly, I implemented a partial view of a map, so it will scroll along when the player moves.
- sprited animation, one slight bug in the sprite while moving, nothing to worry about at this time.
- collision detection, I only need to fix an offset on the collision map. As it is now, the collision map is offset by about half a map. But the upside is: it works.

Compared to last time, not taking art into account, HAH “art” he says, I’m about as far as I got last time in Ludum engine-wise.

On the TODO list until the next blog update:

- fix that collision bug
- movement to other maps, not sure how to do that just yet, but I will need to get that working before moving on
- generic display of text
- decide on genre. RPG or Action/Adventure.

That’s about what I’ll do until the next update. Now, until I wait for lunch to be served (yes served :awesomeface:) I’m going to clean my code a bit. It’s beginning to reek.

Ludum Dare 23 #00 – 3.5 hrs to go

Here we go again: Ludum Dare. Trying to complete a game within 48 hours of the theme announcement. I entered the previous contest (LD 22) and I finished a game. It’s not a triple A game, but I finished it nonetheless. I told myself this time is going to be different. This time I’ll be prepared.

That was 4 months ago. And now on the verge of the 10 year anniversary edition of Ludum I find myself more prepared, but not to say I’ll have a game that outshines my previous one by a multitude of a gazillion. I prepared a bit, but not as much as I wanted to. But I tried to prepare very efficiently. I looked at some of the parts I had some issues with during last Ludum:

- map creation
- map rendering
- music
- fonts

I guess I’ll just run into other issues while I avoid the above. But those issues will be more game-related annd less related to slick2D.

My set-up:

Code : Java 6 

- IntelliJ IDEA – somewhat fell in love with this IDE during the past month. Try it if you can.
- Slick2D – same as last time, solid choice
- VCS – svn @ google code


- Paint.NET – seems like a solid choice once more
- might look into if the need arises

Sound FX / Music

- SFXR, gooooood stuff
- otomata, cool output (thanks claus)
-audacity, IF I need it


- Chronolapse for those sexy timelapses
- A block of paper and a pen for those sexy brainstorm sessions
- Spotify, unbearable without
- Beer (got it covered)


So, that’s about the gist of it. Good luck to everyone and have fun.