Ludum Dare 22 It’s finished


Man, I’m loving the rush of finishing a game in 48 hours.

I learned a lot throughout this Ludum Dare.

Preparation is key. And I don’t mean by programming the game before the compo starts, but by knowing your tools inside out. I spent a lot of Saturday messing around because I didn’t practice enough with Slick2D. That was noticeable by the peaks and lows my FPS had. It went from as high as 3000 to as “low” as 200 FPS because of a few changes. I’m pretty sure that I won’t do that much better the next Ludum Dare, but I’m confident that eventually I’ll master resource management.

Clean code is good code. Yeah, screw that. I tried maintaining the cleanest code possible throughout Saturday and spent more time “cleaning code” than writing code. I stopped writing clean code on Sunday. I’m not saying “screw clean code entirely” but in a Ludum Dare situation it can get hectic and it’s better to output code fast instead of clean. It’s not like I’m maintaining this game after today.

Make it playable as fast as possible. I read some developers preaching this and to be honest, it’s cool and fun when your game is running and changes you made are instantly testable. I switched from a platformer to a topdown view during the course of Saturday. I felt platforming wouldn’t have been as fun and as smooth as topdown would have been. Know your limits applies.

All in all, this game isn’t that much fun. It entertains you for a minute, or two if you’re a slow player, but I’m glad I made it.

Link to my Ludum Dare page :


Later, MME.

Ludum Dare 22 pt. 7 – Final stretch

12 hours left in Ludum Dare. And I’m close to finishing up.

A few things happened.

First of all, despite all changes, my FPS stayed stable. Awesome stuff, probably the greatest achievement so far today.

Second, I added a few maps (not displayed) and quite a few tiles. I’m pretty sure that if I change the tile system I could get a massive increase in FPS, but too late now.

Third, Orbs. Orbs are collectibles that will increase your points.

Fourth, points. Points are awarded on your run to a safe cave-shelter. Orbs and a low time amount to a higher score, more steps and deaths amount to fewer points. There is a system behind it, so that’s fun.


A few things need to happen before I can end this LD.

Orbs need to be collected.

Enemies need moving, even if they move at random. Might even randomly teleport them around the map to make it more intense.  (and because of a moving bug I had this morning).

4 maps need to be added.


And if I have time to spare,

Menu (main or ingame)

Highscore tables

Add some finishing touches (sprites and story)