Ludum Dare 24 [02] 14.30 PM Second commit and new idea

So, I didn’t go with the mouse cursor thing. Too meh. Decided on a farm simulator. You start with a few crops and some money. You can grow crops, sell crops and breed crops. At the end of turn 99, the game ends and your money is your score.

The cool thing is that you’ll be able to enter your own dna code. Basically letting you be a genetic engineer. The goal is to find the dna code which gives you the best crop concerning marketprice, seed number and growtime.

At this point I just finished crop breeding. The next steps are:

- user inventory (grown crops, seeds)
- marketplace

In the far future:

- crop/seed detail view
- user dna code (comes at a price)
- crop placement


So, yes, I have some work to do.


Ludum Dare 24 [01] 11.00 AM First commit

The theme is Evolution.

Wow, it actually won this time. I didn’t brainstorm on any idea for this them because, well yeah, it never wins. So, after about an hour I got to writing some concept code in Groovy. Threw it out, started over. Threw that out as well. And then I went back to my original thought: do something with the mouse.

The idea is to have the mouse do actions and stuff, not sure on what exactly, and from there, you can upgrade your mouse. Eventually your mouse will have the arms of a bodybuilder. I’m not sure how I’ll show the upgrades (if I’ll show them at all). The main idea here is that I’ll be learning about mouse interfacing and collision detection.

Screenshot time!


Ok, that’s lame. The mouse pointer doesn’t show…

Anyways, my code repository!

Ludum Dare 24 – [00] Getting ready

Rejoice game devs, it’s Ludum weekend! And I’m entering once more. I’m nearly ready for my third participation. My “I’m in” post.

Things on my To Do list:

  • get some raw ideas in my head. The last theme selection went up and I’ll need to see if I can come up with some simple ideas based on those themes.
  • decide on which genre/game mechanic I want to go. I’m undecided between a board game approach and a more arcade approach using only a mouse as an interface.
  • stock up on food and drinks.
  • linux screenshots for my timelapse.
  • check out launch4j.
  • check out some music programs.

I learned quite a bit from previous ludums. First of all, keep going. Second of all, keep going. Third, stupid fixes to bugs/errors are usually the best. Fourth, keep the code clean as possible. The first Ludum was a pretty codebase gone ugly. My second Ludum was an ugly codebase gone even more ugly. I plan to make the codebase for my third entry a pleasant one. I’m stressing the verb “plan”.

I should also do a bit more on the preparations side beyond coding. Or at least not the night before it begins…


Things I’ll do better than last time:

  • collision detection. I figured out how to do it “elegantly”. Still not there yet, but a whole lot better than what i did for LD22 or for LD23
  • coding. Didn’t you hear? Groovy is awesome.
  • deployment. This time, it’ll work everywhere else.
  • making my game fun.

A fun game, you say? Why didn’t I think of that? Well yeah, last times I went with what I had. But this time, I’m going to go somewhere.


My planning:

  • Friday-Saturday night; try to wake up at 3 AM to read the theme. Go back to bed and dream about it.
  • Saturday noon; basic gameplay, placeholder art and sfx/bgm
  • Saturday afternoon-evening-Sunday morning; advanced gameplay
  • Sunday noon-afternoon; art and sfx/bgm
  • Sunday evening; submission

I haven’t planned it, but somewhere in between there should be a spot or two for some panicking, anxiety and tranquility. Isn’t Ludum Dare fun?


Have fun,

Ludum 23 #04 – Day 2

Going, going… going…


So it’s going to be a basic rpg. Hp, atk, def. And that’s it. If I have time to spare, some weapon or something. Only things on the todo list:

- battle screen
- map (graphics and tiling)
- story (intro)
-victory conditions