LD26 Post Mortem and #1GAM

Short LD26 Post Mortem

The results are in for Ludum Dare 26. I’m not as satisfied with the results. The scores are average, which is ok in itself. But I’m somewhat disappointed that there weren’t any negative or “average” feedback comments. There were people out there who didn’t enjoy my game as much and they didn’t share why or what was wrong with my game.

I’m not going to rant, but I put in effort to give feedback (positive or negative) to (most of) the games I played. I expected the same in return. Not going to rant.

Anyways, onward;


There’s an initiative I wanted to join some while ago: One Game A Month. The goal is simple, make a game each month and share it. So, starting from July, I’m going to finish a game each month. For my first month, I’ll take it easy and make a simple puzzle game. Nothing to serious or new. Just some tried and true mechanics to get me started.


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