Ludum Dare #26 Update 2

14 hours into the competition and my game is nearing its final form (gameplay-wise). Having fun with libgdx and the Android development. It needs more code to do stuff than Slick2D does, but I feel it’s less restrictive and I don’t know… cooler. Not to disrespect Slick2d, it is an awesome tool and I would still recommend it to anyone interested in Java Game Development. Anyways, onto the update,

What I’ve done since the last update

- Improved player movement
- Enemies (and movement)
- you can die now
- score!
- game over screen without any text (just tap or click to restart game)

On the TO-DO list

- Finishing up the game-over screen
- Implementing player’s attack (and special attack)
- Different movement paths for enemies

On the wishlist

- Enemy attacks (long range)
- Difficulty setting

On the buglist :(

- Just don’t try to resize the game, I’m going to either disable resizing or try to find an answer to this. In the meantime, don’t resize.
- Resuming gameplay on Android after the app has gone to the background isn’t really that safe. Enemies spawn all over =/

Downloads and screenshots

Downloads can still be found at the old link:

Again, ignore the phone status warning if it still pops up, haven’t looked into it yet.

Might not seem like much, but it is!

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