Ludum Dare #26 End of Day 1


It’s only 11.41 PM right now, but I’m calling it a day. I’m really glad with all the progress I’ve had today. A quick summary:

What’s new:

- player attack
- special attack
- ui additions
- score improvements

What’s on the To Do list:

- Enemy movement additions
- Enemy creation needs a serious update
- Increasing difficulty as the game progresses (ties in with enemy creation)

Still some coding left to do, but I guesstimate it will be done in an hour or two (and a half at most).

- sprites
- splash screen
- main screen background
- gameover screen background

Biggest timesink left.

- sfx for everything
- background music if possible (last addition, would also require mute button)

If I don’t have enough time, the BGM will be skipped and SFX will be reduced to a minimum.

- Explain everything

This is what I’ll be doing first tomorrow.

That is pretty much all that is left on my todo list for tomorrow. I think I’ll manage. :)

Downloads and Screenshots

Per usual:

And some screenshots;

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