Ludum Dare 24 [01] 11.00 AM First commit

The theme is Evolution.

Wow, it actually won this time. I didn’t brainstorm on any idea for this them because, well yeah, it never wins. So, after about an hour I got to writing some concept code in Groovy. Threw it out, started over. Threw that out as well. And then I went back to my original thought: do something with the mouse.

The idea is to have the mouse do actions and stuff, not sure on what exactly, and from there, you can upgrade your mouse. Eventually your mouse will have the arms of a bodybuilder. I’m not sure how I’ll show the upgrades (if I’ll show them at all). The main idea here is that I’ll be learning about mouse interfacing and collision detection.

Screenshot time!


Ok, that’s lame. The mouse pointer doesn’t show…

Anyways, my code repository!

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