Groovy and Tomcat, Pt3 – Groovy Scripts

In this part I’m going to show you how to use Groovy Scripts on a Tomcat. It’s very easy to do!

First add these libraries to your project:

- groovy.jar
- groovy-json.jar
- groovy-servlet.jar
- groovy-xml.jar
- antlr.jar
- asm.jar

You might need to add more to the project depending on the functionality of your scripts, but this is the minimum I needed to not encounter any exceptions.

Next, in your web.xmladd the following servlet;



Groovy will then compile your scripts and run them as requested. For a quick test, put this in your webapp root folder and have its name end with .groovy, I named mine script.groovy, but you should name it something more meaningful.

def ip = request.getRemoteAddr()

println """
<title>Groovy Scripts</title>
<p>Hello ${ip}</p>

Navigate to the url of the script and you’ll get a warm welcome.

Wasn’t that easy?

Stay tuned,

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