Ludum Dare #01 – 8.5 hours in

So, as I’m getting ready to have some lunch, let’s reflect on what we have at the moment:

- map rendering works perfectly, I implemented a partial view of a map, so it will scroll along when the player moves.
- sprited animation, one slight bug in the sprite while moving, nothing to worry about at this time.
- collision detection, I only need to fix an offset on the collision map. As it is now, the collision map is offset by about half a map. But the upside is: it works.

Compared to last time, not taking art into account, HAH “art” he says, I’m about as far as I got last time in Ludum engine-wise.

On the TODO list until the next blog update:

- fix that collision bug
- movement to other maps, not sure how to do that just yet, but I will need to get that working before moving on
- generic display of text
- decide on genre. RPG or Action/Adventure.

That’s about what I’ll do until the next update. Now, until I wait for lunch to be served (yes served :awesomeface:) I’m going to clean my code a bit. It’s beginning to reek.

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